State of the art machinery

Bring a baby into this world is a very delicate task and involves a lot of emotional and personal care. Our team of professionals is well trained in their task. At the same time, the modern treatment also uses technology a lot to make sure about the unborn. It simply keeps less room for speculation. We have installed advanced machineries like Ultrasound/Sonography, Fetal Doppler, CTG, etc.

Emergency Room

We have our Emergency Room ready round the clock with the necessary equipment and trained staff so that any emergecny can be treated smoothly.

Labour Rooms

Well equipped with all the necessary facilities like a birthing bed, oxygen cylinders, suction machine along with the experienced doctors to take care of the smooth delivery of your baby.

Ambulance Service

A 24X7 ambulance service ensures a speedy and safe transport in case of emergency. Our trained doctors and other support staff accompany you all through the journey to take care of any sudden changes in the health condition.

Operation Theatre

A well equipped operation theatre is set up at Umang in case of an emergency situation or the need of C-section arises.