Pregnancy Planning

When is the right time to be parents, is a million dollar question the aspiring parents always ask. Whenever you are ready, mentally and physically. It's really important for a couple to be healthy and free from stresses to enter into parenthood. As happy & healthy you are, healthier your baby will be.

It's always advised to plan your pregnancy so that both of you can make yourself ready for the baby. We hold your hand during this entire process with our parenthood programs. There are various stages in a pregnancy.

Pregnancy Guide

This guides makes the couples understand everything about pregnancy. This is a scientific approach towards pregnancy. This planning guides takes you with the right kind of diets, exercises, lifestyle changes, mental health, handling pregnancy, etc.

There's home testing kit also included in this guide so that you can check it on your own about the good news.

Pregnancy Period

This critical time can be enjoyed when guided well and taken care of scientifically. Our counsellors set the guidelines for the pregnant lady about her diets, exercises, lifestyle, meditation and medication so that she can enjoy the most important period of her life. The counselling also involves special care for the first timers.

Periodic checks ups is a very crucial aspect of pregnancy. Therefore, a perfect timetable is set and reminders are sent via sms. These health check ups help the pregnant woman to understand the development of the fetus. This also ensures the growth milestones. At the same time any unexpected complications also can be taken care of well within time.

Delivery Process

Umang Hospital is one of the most trusted hospitals for deliveries. Dr. Asha Gavde's experience works as our guiding force. The staff has been trained really well to handle the delivery process. The would be mother is walked through the process thoroughly to avoid any panic situation.

The mother is well taken care of during the labour process. At the same time we have a well equipped operation theatre kept ready in case of any emergency or the need of C-section.

Post Natal Care

With a newborn in the world, we have a dual responsibility as a maternity hospital. We keep equipped ourselves to take care of both the mother and the baby.

  • New Mom care

    It's normally said that a woman is reborn with her baby. The process of bringing a new life into this world is certainly not an easy thing. A woman faces many changes inside her body. There's this renewed responsibility of her baby. In such cases both mothers and the newborns need to be taken care well.

  • Diet & Nutrition

    A pregnant woman has to adapt to different kinds of changes during the process. Her diet keeps changing with the growth of her baby inside her. And when she delivers a baby then she has to adapt whole new diet to feed her baby.

    Our nutritionists and diet experts recommend suitable diet for the new mother. It keeps her healthy, fresh and hydrated.

  • Fitness

    Along with diet, fitness of the new mother is also very important. A correct fitness regime is set after studying the condition. This helps her speedy recovery and stay strong.

    The training includes the exercise and strength both physical and mental.