We help the aspiring parents to live that dream safely



Umang is an aspiration in Hindi language and parenthood is one of the most cherished dreams of a married couple.

There's nothing that matches the joy of holding a newborn in your hands and feeling that tender touch of fists against your neck. That moment of heavenly bliss is what every woman craves for.

This is a true moment of achievement for a woman as she has to go under immense pressure, both physical and mental. She has to cope up with numerous hormonal changes and some of them stays with her even after her delivery. It's really the most testing time for a woman when she decides to go in for pregnancy.

Earlier there used to be experienced elders at home who used to take care with home remedies. But there wasn't a definite solution for complications.

Fortunately, you have Umang Hospital.

We help the aspiring parents to live that dream safely. Right from the time when you decide to be a mother till the time the baby is delivered safely, we are here holding your hand and walk you smoothly through your pregnancy.

Dr. Asha's vast experience over the years along with the latest technology go hand in hand to take good care of your budding dream. We can monitor the changes and treat the woman as per her development.

And here at your service are advanced antenatal, birthing, neonatal and gynaecology facilities along with the warmth and personal care.

Excellent treatment is assured



Women health has been a very important issue and women too are opening up to it now a days. The best part is a number of advanced facilities available these days and you have Umang by your side in any gynaec needs.

Excellent treatment is assured with the state of the art set up. We have a team of top of the line gynaechologists to take care of the complexities of the women health of all ages. You can open up to our experts for any of your gynaec problems like the adolescence issues, pre-marital counselling, early pregnancy, sexual health, breast care, hysterectomy, urinary incontinence or any other.

Treated with warmth and care



Unfortunately there are cases where there are fertility issues and a woman couldn't be conceived naturally. The WHO defines the condition of not conceiving even after 12 months of consistent unprotected intercourse is infertility. There could be many issues including physical and psychological. Blame it to the unbalanced lifestyle or improper diet or work related stress, but rise in infertility is considered as a major ailment across the world. Many times, the problem can be cured easily if addressed at an early stage.

The couples need both physical and mental treatment, especially living in a society life ours. They need to be treated with warmth and care apart from providing medical aid. We treat this medical problem with the help of the advanced technology that has been tested and proven from time to time worldwide. The supporting and caring environment at Umang ensures much needed comfort for such couples.



When a team of experts surrounds you to bring your baby in this world, another team takes charge of the newborn to check for its response to this new environment outside the safety of its mother's womb. This early response is really important for them. They are the people whom we call paediatric experts. You can be rest assured with your child's health care because Umang - one of the best paediatric centres, is by your side.

Paediatric care is an important wing of our hospital where your babies are monitored, checked and cared with the help of technology in a friendly environment. It's important to check for every milestone in a child's health in the growing age. In this department, our experts in paediatry ensure the physical, mental and behavioural development of your child. Children health care in the areas like neurology, cardiology, dermatology, developmental paediatrics is taken care in paediatrics.

Stem cell Banking


A baby arrives with a miraculous treasure of healthcare remedies that's called stem cells. They are present in an umbilical cord that keeps a baby attached to his mother in the womb. Scientific preservation of the blood from this cord is called Stem Cell Banking. This is one of the most important and advanced discovery in healthcare. It is supposed to be a sure shot way to help your child's health even for future.

These Stem Cells has a potential to treat many life threatening diseases such as diabetes, brain injuries, Osteoarthritis, learning disabilities, various types of blood cancer, Sickle cell anemia, Parkinson's, Haemophilia, Thalassemia, etc. Apart from these, the ongoing research also indicates that this technology can be useful in treating genetic disorders or even dementia.

Today many new parents are getting familiar with the term of Stem Cell Banking and they are opting for the preservation.

Umang Hospital offers state of the art facility of Stem Cell Banking.

Excellent features

We help the aspiring parents to live that dream safely

Trained counsellors to give you right information

Expert paramedics to perform the collection

Foolproof record keeping facility

Dual Storage

Round the clock service

Scientific preservation

Shipment of the cells if required

Lab reports